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12 October 2020

The Role of Parents’ Evening in 2020 and Beyond

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Steven Bailey

What is the purpose of parents’ evening?

Traditionally, the purpose of a parents’ evening was for the teacher to tell the parents how their child was doing. Ultimately, the timing of this has never been optimal, as reports had already been sent home, so in some cases, all the teacher would do was repeat what had already been said in the report.

There are several reasons for parents’ evenings. Importantly, they enable the parent and teacher to see each other face to face and, to some extent, begin a real bond and establish a relationship. From here, the parent and teacher can collaborate, and discuss problem areas for the child, along with figuring out how they can work together to get the best out of them.

How will parents evenings change in 2020?

This year, of course, you can expect that parents’ evenings will naturally evolve as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. There is certainly a lot of speculation as to how these evenings will play out, but it is most likely we will see parent-teacher meetings occur over video calls. Despite the idea of this feeling of unfamiliarity, it is important that we recognise the opportunity here- it’s a chance to form a strong connection without the charades of a busy, frantic evening.

We are also in the era of savvy parents who know how to work systems, and how systems work. Many of them will be used to using video-calling software in their professional and personal life. For these individuals, the novelty of a video call will be lost- you can be sure they will be armed with all sorts of questions. Could you answer them? Are you able to have a real, knowledgeable and even enjoyable conversation with these parents?

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