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Teachers2Parents for Your Multi-Academy Trust

A market-leading communications system for Multi-Academy Trusts 


Exclusive rates can be offered by implementing Teachers2Parents across your trust, we support you to get the most from your budget.

Easy To Manage

Easier reconciliation – all parental communication can be managed in manner that is straightforward to access in just a few clicks.

Tried & Trusted

Proven to improve parental communication, Teachers2Parents is extremely simple to use and super effective.

school forms

How does Teachers2Parents help your trust?

Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) are centralising their communications facilities to save admin time, centralise contracts and reduce costs.

Consistent communications ensure all processes and training sessions are streamlined across the entirety of schools within a MAT. As a result, staff can be seamlessly switched between sites without needing to learn multiple systems.

Teachers2Parents is the perfect solution when making the decision to unify your provider due to its’ unrivalled functionality, simple nature, and cost. With our Unlimited plan, you can forecast all costs in advance, creating clarity for your finance team. Teachers2Parents is Tried and Trusted across thousands of schools in the UK.

Parents love Teachers2Parents, especially with our intuitive app that allows them to view all their messages, their calendar and any other news on the school noticeboard. Parents will no longer have to deal with flooded inboxes hiding important messages!

MATs also love that Teachers2Parents provides unparalleled, ongoing support, this comes from our UK-based support team over the phone or via email. We even host regular support webinars to ensure your staff are refreshed on the system ahead of key periods of the calendar.

As a MAT, you are able to take advantage of huge savings by centralising communications across your schools.


Complete School Communications Guide

Get started with Teachers2Parents and improve your communication strategy, data collection and virtual parents’ evening booking process.

Teachers2Parents School Communications Guide

Join 5,000+ Schools

Leading schools use Teacher2Parents to build a strong connection
between staff and parents.

“It became clear quickly that all of your products work essentially in the same way. This meant that parents found the kit easy to use and picked it up quickly. As a school, we were delighted by the feedback we received and we feel confident when setting up new parents every September.”

Millennium Integrated Primary School

“Previously Parents Evening was a difficult event to organise and included a lot of admin work. This system allows the school to set up a parents evening online so that parents can book their slot to suit themselves and the school can print off a report of the times and names. It’s a great system which helps to streamline this task so that it’s quicker and a more efficient process.”

Willowbrook Primary School

John Bramston Primary School were very happy to add Teachers2Parents to their school toolkit, enabling “office efficiencies to progress in a smooth and calm way”. Already being SchoolMoney customers, they were able to find synergies between the two, meaning Teachers2Parents’ addition was harmonious and consistent.

John Bramston Primary School

“We also use SchoolMoney and have become almost cash-free, reducing the need to prepare cash for banking and taking it to the bank. It is also more secure and easy to follow up debts. The facility for parents to approve a trip whilst making a payment has further reduced the amount of paper we use.”

St Peter’s London Docks

“Now, with very minimal setting up, we send out invitations at a click of a button and literally watch the bookings come in. Our percentage of parents booking has jumped up dramatically.”

Underhill School and Children’s Centre

What do you get with Teachers2Parents?

Trusted by over 10,000 schools in the UK, Teachers2Parents is the most user-friendly, reliable and easy-to-use communication solution on the market. Parent engagement shouldn’t be a chore, and with the help of our supportive team, your school will be up to speed in a matter of hours.

Text to Parents
School Email
School Forms
Parents' Evening
Parent App

Text To Parents

Connect your MIS and immediately begin sending messages to your contacts with flexibility.

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“It is instant and easy to use. Parents engage with the text messaging service better than any other form of communication.”

St Mary’s CofE Primary School


Teachers2Parents School Texts


School Email

A market-leading solution with complete ease of use, saving time and hassle for school staff and teachers.

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“Teachers2Parents is great for us to send emails to parents and staff, thank you!”

St Peter’s CofE Primary School

Teachers2Parents School Email

School Forms

The easy way to build and access a library of detailed digital forms to collect all the information you need from parents and guardians.

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“We have used T2P text service for a number of years now and have recently signed up for the forms aspect, email and parents evening services. Less pressure on the office staff and staff are using it more and more due to the current situation.”

St. Peter & Paul Catholic School

Teachers2Parents School Forms

Parents’ Evening

Organise a virtual parents’ evening with a dedicated secure school system. Our market-leading system is simple to set up and intuitive to use, so teachers and parents can work together remotely with ease.

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“It is easy to use and makes organising parents’ evening a smooth process.”

Beulah Junior School

Teachers2Parents Virtual Parents' Evenings

Parent App

An easy-to-use app enabling parents to view all school communications in one place – parents can even make important payments and check key dates all whilst on the move.

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“Such an easy and straightforward method of communication, with the ability to see that the very important message has been delivered.”

Baker’s Lane C.P. School

Teachers2Parents School Noticeboard Calendar Messages App

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