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We all want the same thing: the best for children. Especially here at Teachers2Parents. Our products support the simple principle of unity – because by working together we’ll always be stronger. Our aim is to improve the outcomes for children by promoting better communications and our products are designed to empower school staff and improve the school environment.



Teachers2Parents is built on trust. We won’t sting you with hidden costs, and we’ll be there on the other end of the phone if you need anything. We’re always looking to improve our products, so if you have any feedback or comments to help us, please reach out.



At Teachers2Parents, we have strong principles which tie fundamentally to our long-term goals and vision. We believe all schools should have access to the technology that allows them to flourish. We back up our words with actions: Back in March 2020, we allowed all UK schools to use Teachers2Parents for free to help with the Covid-19 pandemic. We supply free resources like our EdTech Digest Magazine, and we put on free webinars regularly to support our schools – This integrity is why we’re in over 10,000 UK schools.



Across all our products, we’ve constantly had the school environment in mind. We’re deliberately designed our products to save school staff and parents considerable time in their daily life. At Teachers2Parents we take pride in our consistency to do the right thing.



As a company, we’re always inspired to work harder and better. Our underlying ambition was born from working within education and now for education – to improve a lot for teachers, parents, guardians and ultimately the pupils. We’re well-aware of the ever-growing challenges, such as tight budgets, challenging targets and demanding social circumstances. We take a holistic approach is creating solutions.

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