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Our School App

Bring parents and schools closer with our intuitive app, enabling messaging and payments on the go.


Easily access all email and text messages in one place! This allows communications of various purposes to be easily received by parents, so important messages can be filtered out of their cluttered inboxes.

Dinners, Clubs and Shop

Enables parents to make simple payments directly from their smartphone, meaning dinners, clubs and school shop purchases can be easily completed in seconds.

Calendar and Noticeboard

Keep parents up to date with everything that is happening, such as the latest news, updates and key dates.

Teachers2Parents School Noticeboard App

One Simple App for Busy Parents

The Teachers2Parents school app brings parents and schools closer, opening channels of communication with home and offering a space to purchase supplies, pay for trips, book onto clubs, and give consent at the click of a button.


Complete School Communications Guide

Get started with Teachers2Parents and improve your communication strategy, data collection and virtual parents’ evening booking process.



Teachers2Parents School Communications Guide

Additional Modules +

Virtual Parents’ Evening

A market-leading virtual parents’ evening system build specifically for schools to ensure security and reliability. Teachers2Parents offer a state-of-the-art solution, with integrated meeting scheduling and countdown timers.

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Forms & Data Collection

Teachers2Parents Forms is the easy way for your school to build and customise online forms to send to students, parents, guardians and staff in minutes. Keep track of exactly who has responded and who you still need to hear from.

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Reach all branches of the school family tree with an easy to use and efficient school email service. Preprogrammed and effective, Teachers2Parents Email has limitless utility and streamlines your communications through manageable groups.

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Text to Parents

Texts to Parents is a market-leading solution with limitless utility, saving time and hassle for school staff and teachersConnect your MIS and immediately begin sending messages to your contacts with flexibility.

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Join 5,000+ Schools

Leading schools use Teacher2Parents to build a strong connection
between staff and parents.


“It became clear quickly that all of your products work essentially in the same way. This meant that parents found the kit easy to use and picked it up quickly. As a school, we were delighted by the feedback we received and we feel confident when setting up new parents every September”

Millennium Integrated Primary School

“Previously Parents Evening was a difficult event to organise and included a lot of admin work. This system allows the school to set up a parents evening online so that parents can book their slot to suit themselves and the school can print off a report of the times and names. It’s a great system which helps to streamline this task so that it’s quicker and a more efficient process.”

Willowbrook Primary School

John Bramston Primary School were very happy to add Teachers2Parents to their school toolkit, enabling “office efficiencies to progress in a smooth and calm way”. Already being SchoolMoney customers, they were able to find synergies between the two, meaning Teachers2Parents’ addition was harmonious and consistent.

John Bramston Primary School

“We also use School Money and have become almost cash-free, reducing the need to prepare cash for banking and taking it to the bank. It is also more secure and easy to follow up debts. The facility for parents to approve a trip whilst making a payment has further reduced the amount of paper we use.”

St Peter’s London Docks

“Now, with very minimal setting up, we send out invitations at a click of a button and literally watch the bookings come in. Our percentage of parents booking has jumped up dramatically.”

Underhill School and Children’s Centre

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