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27 April 2022

Our Guide to Building your School Newsletter  

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Giulia Tramontana

School Marketing 101: Why do you need a newsletter? 

There are many ways to market your school to existing and prospective families, but a school newsletter is an essential system you should have in place. Sending out a newsletter regularly is the easiest way to share information, announcements and updates with your community, all in one place. However, you need to ensure that parents and guardians will engage with what you share. Here are our tips to build a successful school newsletter. 

Tips to make your newsletter shine 

If you ensure your newsletter looks good visually and contains engaging content, parents and guardians will get more involved with your school events and will call the school less and less to request information.  

Stay true to your school branding 

Using your school logo and signature colours when designing your newsletter gives you a stronger sense of identity and uniqueness. Branding is essential when marketing your school, as visual aids usually help you make a good first impression.  

Be consistent 

Make sure you have a schedule for when you wish to send out your newsletter. We’d recommend sending one monthly, or biweekly, depending on how much information you want to share. A good idea would be to send it out at the end of every month consistently, so that parents and guardians know when to expect it, and you can make a checklist of what contents to add throughout each month. 

Make it mobile-friendly 

When designing a newsletter, it is important to keep in mind what devices parents and guardians will be likely to use when receiving it. Ensure that your newsletter design works well for both desktop and smartphone view! 

Always link back to your school website 

Making your newsletter interactive gives parents and guardians more of a chance to browse through your website and make it a habit to check it regularly. Always link back to blogs on your website, or a term calendar that reports school closures and events. Does your school website need an update? Check out our school website design services

What should you share? 

This is the fun part: make a list of announcements and events worth sharing with families each month, and remember to give some more priority than others. Choose a maximum amount of topics – ideally, three or four, you don’t want to overwhelm parents and guardians with too much information. Then, make sure your contacts are up to date, and send your newsletter!  

Here are some ideas for what to share in your school newsletter. 

Upcoming Events

Is there anything happening at school soon, like sports games or plays? Your newsletter is the perfect reminder for parents and guardians to purchase tickets and save the date.  

Parents’ Evening

Share all the information related to your next Parents’ Evening, including dates and times and the running schedule. Read more about how to plan a successful parents’ evening.  

Seasonal Greetings and Information

Use your newsletter as a reminder of school closures for holiday time and send your best wishes to your school community.  

Introducing New Staff Members

If any new school staff are joining your school, take this as an opportunity to introduce them to your parents and guardians. Mention what their role will be and a few fun facts about them to give them a warm welcome to your community! 

Booking Clubs and School Trips

If the new sports season is approaching or you are planning a school trip, share any links or forms for parents and guardians to register their children and book their spots. Did you know you can also take payments for clubs and trips with T2P Payments

Support Resources

If you are using any online platforms such as Teachers2Parents, why not send your parents and guardians support guides on the system? A good time to share this would be at the beginning of the school year, as a refresher.  

Ready to get started? Have a look at our Email services to share your newsletter with, and begin your parental engagement journey today! 

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