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8 March 2023

5 Ways Emails and Text Messages will make your Shool Communications a breeze

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Giulia Tramontana

When it comes to school communications, you don’t just need text messages to get in touch with parents and guardians. It’s important to switch up the method of communication depending on the urgency of your announcement or reminder, the contents of your message, and whether any actions are required. Let’s analyse text messages and emails and go through their benefits!  

1. Text Messages create urgency  

Receiving a text message to your device can definitely be more effective compared to other methods of communications, however, you don’t want to risk a ‘girl who cried wolf’ situation for the recipients. If parents and guardians are receiving multiple text messages each day, they will struggle differentiating between the most urgent and least urgent ones.  

2. Emails can be as long as you wish 

The main benefit that comes with sending emails instead of text messages is the lack of character limit. If you have something to communicate to parents and guardians that requires more words, sending an email is the best way to do so. We especially recommend sending out weekly or biweekly newsletters, to sum up the news of each week without overwhelming families with too many notices throughout the week.  

3. Add attachments to emails 

Another great advantage of emails is they give you the ability to add attachments. Whether it’s a lesson plan, a digital event flyer, or a marking report, emails are the perfect tool to use to deliver these valuable resources to parents and guardians. A great tip is to email over reports or homework that you’d like to discuss with families prior to Parents’ Evening.  

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek of our Emails feature on Teachers2Parents!  

4. Messaging individuals or groups 

Both text messages and emails on our Teachers2Parents platform allow you to schedule these to send at a more convenient time, and you also have the choice to contact one individual contact, select multiple ones, or select entire groups, for instance, the parents or guardians of an entire year group. This saves you time by delivering dozens of messages at once!  

5. Using built-in templates 

Our Teachers2Parents platform provides built-in templates for both emails and text messages. This allows you to use pre-written content instead of coming up with your own, which saves you time and, at the same time, keeps your messaging consistent. We have templates for many instances, for example absence notices, Parents’ Evening invites, or school closure announcements. 

Have you tried Emails yet? 

A mixture of text messages and emails allows for the perfect balance of communications from the school to parents and guardians. Download our free guide to learn how to balance communications correctly with texts, emails, and more! And if you’re ready to add Emails to your T2P subscription, book a chat with your account manager.  

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