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10 January 2022

Introducing Apple Pay to T2P Payments

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Giulia Tramontana

T2P are pleased to share that Apple Pay is now an available payment method!

Parents will be able to easily make payments with only a few taps, instead of typing out their card details each time. This creates a faster and more convenient checkout experience for parents.

The Apple Pay option is available when using the T2P Payments App and the desktop version on an Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Payments are made via Apple’s wallet-based mobile payment service. Payment authentication is achieved by fingerprint reading and facial recognition, as parents are securely guided through the payment journey.

Your parents may be already using Apple Pay wallet for other purchases outside of T2P Payments; hence, making payments for Dinners, Trips or Shop items could not be easier.

The addition is completely free to schools, and you don’t have to do anything to enable it. Parents & guardians can add Apple Pay to their Apple devices by following Apple’s instructions here. 

If you need assistance in setting up Apple Pay, please look at the video below.


Step 1

If supported by the parent’s device, Apple Pay will be displayed as an option on your payment screen. Paying with a card is still an option available to parents.

Step 2

Once the Apple Pay button is tapped, (providing this have been previously set up) the payment screen will present itself, displaying the order details.

Step 3

If parents do not have Apple Pay set up, they will be prompted to set up their account before they can continue with the payment process. If you need more help, please access the resources listed above.

Step 4

Once the parent places their finger on the built-in reader on the Apple device or enable facial recognition, their identity will be verified, and payment processing will commence.

Step 5

If successful, an on-screen confirmation will be displayed.

Want to print off the step-by-step guide? Download the Apple Pay Guide here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an additional cost?

The Apple Pay service is completely free to schools and don’t present any additional charges. However please note normal card charges still apply.

Do schools have to do anything?

No, nothing at all. There’s no extra work for you and payments look the same to you if they’ve been made via Apple Pay or a debit/credit card.

What do parents have to do?

Parents and guardians don’t have to do a thing. If they’d like to use Apple Pay, they can set it up on their Apple device. Card payments are still available should they prefer to use them.

To find out more about T2P Payments, please take a look at our website or our support site. 

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