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Case Study

Willowbrook Primary

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Giulia Tramontana
School Type
School Money Teachers2Parents

The Context

Willowbrook Primary implemented Teachers2Parents to modernise the school by using technology and to save time and give staff the tools to increase their efficiency. In particular, Willowbrook were looking to reduce the amount of money received in school and eliminate the need to bank the cash. They were also looking for a service to streamline their office procedures.

Solutions & Next Steps

Willowbrook staff were delighted to quickly swap out tiresome manual tasks like phoning parents and printing letters. With T2P’s help, these processes were replaced by digital, automated processes that take seconds to complete, saving money and hassle. Staff were also delighted with the ease of use of the software, detailing how they were surprised at how “quickly and easily” they could communicate via “email and text messages with all stakeholders”.

“Previously Parents’ Evening was a difficult event to organise and included a lot of admin work. This system allows the school to set up a parents’ evening online so that parents can book their slot to suit themselves and the school can print off a report of the times and names. It’s a great system which helps to streamline this task so that it’s quicker and a more efficient process.”

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