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7 June 2021

The Evolution of Parents’ Evening

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Steven Bailey

Times are changing!

In the past, parents’ evenings were often an inconvenience for parents, they would begin the night getting herded into a hall on time for their first appointment, only to be delayed by overrunning meetings. After meeting every teacher, parents eventually headed home feeling tired and hungry. With the boom of virtual meetings in 2020, this phenomenon unsurprisingly followed the school ecosystem, with virtual parents’ evenings quickly becoming the new, safe alternative.

It quickly became clear that virtual parents’ evenings were popular with parents, school staff and teachers alike. The simplicity of being able to meet from the comfort of home has proven to take much of the stress away from a traditional parents’ evening. Instead of a stressful, tense, noisy environment, the focus can be kept on what matters: the meeting itself.

Teachers2Parents’ parents’ evening video service has proven to be extremely popular in 2021, with the scheduling feature enabling both teachers and parents to clearly be able to view all of their planned meetings for the day. Meetings are also timed, so once the allotted time is up, the meeting ends. As a result, meetings will not overrun and lead to a disrupted schedule, preserving everyone else’s schedules.

It is our prediction that many schools will opt to continue using virtual parents’ evenings long after COVID-19, it requires much less preparation, management and clean-up.

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