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20 January 2022

Not Just for September: Virtual Parents’ Evening Software

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Giulia Tramontana

Our product Parents’ Evening was designed to help schools organise parents’ evenings in person or virtually. However, there are many more ways to benefit from the product all year round, not just on parents’ evenings season!

What’s New

Did you know? We have recently updated Parents’ Evening, so now you are allowed to host a meeting with up to four people. This feature has been highly requested so that more than one parent or person close to a student can have the chance to speak to their teachers and be informed on the students’ school progress. All four participants are able to share their screens on the video call and there is no installation required.

What else can you use Parents’ Evening for?

Staff Meetings – The Parents’ Evening service works perfectly for normal group video calls. If you need to have a quick chat with some of your staff, the product is a great way to set it up virtually.

Reviews to Parents throughout the term – You don’t have to wait for your school’s parents’ evening to speak to a parent or guardian! If they wish to schedule an appointment to discuss a student’s journey, you can easily do so through a video call at your convenience.

Emergency Meetings – If you urgently need to speak to a parent or guardian, setting up a video call saves time and is super easy to set up. This will save them from going to school, which means the meeting can take place as soon as possible.

If you wish to have a glimpse of how our Virtual Parents’ Evening tool works, watch the video below and book a demo to get started!

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