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11 November 2021

Teachers2Parents Frequently Asked Questions

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Giulia Tramontana

Teachers2Parents Support Queries

We are here to support you with any issues you might be experiencing with Teachers2Parents, or to clarify any doubts. It is our priority to help you use T2P with ease! Below are some frequently asked questions about Teachers2Parents and Parents’ Evening. If your question was not answered here, and you need additional support, please visit our support site!

I need help installing a SIMS link. How do I do that?

To install the SIMS Link v44 to update Teachers2Parents, follow the steps on our guide. You will need your login details for Teachers2Parents and SIMS.

Can I send recurring text messages?

Unfortunately, the Teachers2Parents system does not offer a recurring text messages option. However, you can send multiple scheduled text messages at your convenience. Learn how to schedule text messages by following the steps in this guide.

How do I manually edit added contacts?

On Teachers2Parents, you are able to add, edit and delete contacts. Access our guide and scroll down to Instructions – Edit Contacts; then, follow the steps listed.

Parents’ Evening Support

Where can I find an authorisation code?

When importing data manually, the system may ask for an authorisation code. This code needs to be provided by the support team, as it can indicate there are problems with the data being imported.

How do I update data in Parents’ Evening after not having used it for a while?

We have a comprehensive guide to updating contact details and setting up accounts. Find our Teachers2Parents Parents’ Evening preparation guide here.

How do I update Parents’ Evening from SIMS?

You will need to install the BW SIMS Link v9 to update Parents’ Evening from locally hosted SIMS. You will need your login details for SIMS and Parents’ Evening. If you do not have the login details, please contact our support team. Follow the steps in this guide.

If your question was not answered here, and you need additional support, please visit our support site!

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