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19 November 2021

Giving the Gift of Time this Festive Season

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Giulia Tramontana

Modernising Festive School Events

Before we get to the long-awaited winter break, there are many festive events you may be planning for your school and its wider community. Sports games, plays and fairs, or balls are a great way of getting your students, their families and the community together with the school faculty.

Being prepared for these events can save a great deal of time and money for your school. Let us guide you through the process of inviting parents and guardians, giving them date and time-related announcements and taking payments.

You’ve been e-invited!

It can be challenging for schools to reach out to all the pupils’ families to make them aware of the events planned. Designing, printing and sending invites is a time-consuming job in itself. However, with children, there is no guarantee that the parent or guardian will even receive it. They may possibly discover it at the bottom of a school bag at the start of the next term (we’ve all been there). This year, why not upgrade from invites to e-vites?

An online solution such as Teachers2Parents can help your school plan an event by offering staff a platform to easily communicate with parents and guardians, by email, forms or text messages. Instead of printing dozens of invites on paper, save materials, money and time by sending an email with a fun, colourful graphic. You will have the chance to personalise it depending on the event you are advertising, whether it be a football game or a Christmas bake sale.

You may also choose to send families forms to RSVP, which will help you with numbers instead of making assumptions on attendance. Explore the power of Forms in more detail here, and discover the endless possibilities!

Cashless Ticket Purchasing

If your event requires parents and guardians to purchase tickets in order to attend, you will need a platform through which they can easily do that online. Eliminating cash transactions saves time as it is instant and there is no need to count the money. It also makes the payment process safer, because there is no cash to be stored on school premises or moved to a bank.

A cashless solution like SchoolMoney offers a service called ‘School Shop,’ in which you can set up an event as an item and manage your inventory based on the availability of seats or spaces. Families will be able to carry out payments online from any device and from wherever they are, even with the option to pay in instalments. If they don’t have access to online banking, they also have the opportunity to pay through PayPoint.

Modernising your school by using a tech solution will help you save time and make it easy for families to interact with your staff. Teachers2Parents and SchoolMoney can be integrated with one another to make the process even easier and more inclusive for you.

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