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19 October 2021

Parents’ Evening: It Has Never Been So Easy!

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Giulia Tramontana

Modernising Parents’ Evenings

The past couple of years have been challenging for many reasons, and to adapt to this new reality we had to seek solutions to things that were never considered problems before. However, these changes have not all been so drastic: if anything, our generation has made the best of a bad situation and used technology to make sure we could all still interact with each other, even though we were not allowed to leave our homes.

Schools have undoubtedly been affected significantly during the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, and along with the issue of online classes, one of the schools’ most important events have been put on hold: parents’ evenings. Thanks to technology, parents have still been able to talk to teachers through emails, phone and video calls, but, as it is still not safe enough to resume in-person meetings, why not take online parents’ evenings to the next level? We at Eduspot are dedicated to supporting schools with efficient school software solutions, and this is why we have created Teachers2Parents, an easy and accessible way to hold a virtual parents’ evening from the comfort of our own homes. The system is totally secure and GDPR compliant; all the information and data that is shared will be completely safe.

Through Teachers2Parents, parents will be able to reach out to teachers to discuss their children’s educational path via a video call; every parent will be able to book a personal flexible slot to attend a Covid-safe meeting from wherever they are. Many parents would point out how it is an efficient method but still not quite the same as meeting in person; in fact, as the BBC reports, “[parents’ evening] may be the only time in the year that parents and carers actually step inside their child’s school or classroom and see their work.” However, there are many benefits to holding an online parents’ evening, starting with the fact that both parties can share their screen, which would make it easy for teachers to show parents the children’s work.

Moreover, online meetings are easier to access compared to physically getting to a school, which a lot of the time causes delays and forces parents and teachers to stay at school until late. Teachers2Parents is a versatile software that can be accessed via a significant number of devices and servers. It provides a number of videos and tutorials in which all the steps to register and access video calls are described concisely. Online parents’ evening prevents other issues such as long queues and finding parking spaces, which may sound insignificant but are actually quite important when so many people are involved.

Many schools in the UK are already using similar servers, and, as reported by EdTech, “just 3% of schools said that they would return to solely face-to-face parents evening post Coronavirus.” Teachers who are subscribed to Teachers2Parents report that now their percentage of parents booking has jumped up dramatically.

Teachers2Parents, an option for your school?

Teachers2Parents is a great, easy way to get in touch with your children’s teachers at the time of your choice, from the place of your choice. Don’t hesitate to give it a try, because technology presents many more benefits than you may imagine. Click here and download our comms guide to get started!

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