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Why use FormsPay?

The main reason why we decided to join the forces of Forms and Payments was to create an easy solution for quick payments.

Normally, delivering an announcement through a paper slip or email is unreliable: the parent or guardian will have to remember to complete the payment either through cash or an online transaction at a later time.

Instead, receiving the communication via a digital form and being immediately prompted to make the payment will make the process much more effective, and it’s especially a benefit for schools as it will reduce (if not eliminate) the need for debt collection.

If the payment is made straight away, school staff won’t have to make time to chase parents and guardians multiple times for overdue payments or cancel events.

FormsPay is extremely easy to use. To learn how to set up a form with the ability to collect payments using FormsPay in Teachers2Parents, watch our quick demo video.

You can also read our blog ‘Stress-free School Trip Management’ to see an example of how FormsPay can help you facilitate your routine processes.

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Benefits for schools and families

All in one place

Collecting data, survey results, signatures, and consent is made easy with Forms, but with FormsPay you are also able to collect payment at the same time, and store this information in one place.

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Reduce paper waste and costs

Instead of sending out paper slips that often get lost or forgotten, handling these processes digitally is much more reliable and cost-effective. Most primary school parents are used to technology, and much prefer the simplicity of digital tools.

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Reduce stress

Allowing a form to be paid on the spot reduces admin stress for both the school and the parent or guardian. This builds a heathier relationship, plus it makes it likely you should see a higher percentage of payments being made on time.

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Combat communication overload

No need to send out multiple slips, text messages, and reminders to families. Sending out a single Form with all the information you require makes your communication with families more concise.

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