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19 May 2023

Summer School Guide

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Giulia Tramontana

The summer weeks in which lessons won’t take place in your school can sometimes be a challenge for parents and guardians who work long hours and need childcare services. Providing summer school classes and holiday clubs at your school can be a huge help for these families, as well as a good way to generate extra income: parents and guardians will be happy to have their children taken care of by people they trust in a place they are familiar with, as opposed to a new environment. 

Along with being a great support for families, holiday clubs and summer school sessions are also a great benefit to children’s upbringing and learning. Spending their free time surrounded by their peers, learning new skills, and having fun is a much better way for kids to be spending their holidays as opposed to being at home by themselves and not experiencing any stimulation. 

If you are planning to use your school as a place parents and guardians can rely on during the summer holidays, there are some systems you can have in place to facilitate the planning process and communication with families: Teachers2Parents is the perfect tool to keep these processes all in the same place. Here are some tips for what you can do to take your summer school plans to the next level. 

Registering students 

A quick and easy way to figure out bookings week by week is to send out digital forms to parents and guardians to register their children. Make sure to include all the sessions you are hosting, with all the details you can: for instance, label your Tuesday session as ‘arts and crafts,’ or your Friday one as ‘sports day.’ Provide a multiple choice selection for families to choose, and the bookings will come straight back to you so you’re able to generate reports and attendance lists.  

Find out more of how Forms work by watching the video below:  

Taking payment 

Through Forms, you are also able to collect payment for your sessions. Our new feature FormsPay allows you to attach ad-hoc payments to the digital forms you know and love, to speed up payment and consent collection. It is also a great tool to use if you’re planning to branch out and add some field trips to your summer school schedule: you can collect the fee on FormsPay as well as e-signatures and consent if you’re planning to take any photographs of your students. 

Stay in touch 

Speaking of photographs, the summer is the season of fun: be creative with your activities and make sure to immortalise these moments to share on your social media and school website (after having obtained consent from the parents, of course). Don’t forget to keep families updated and stay in touch during your sessions using our text messages

Ready for summer! 

Before you go, discover more information about FormsPay and the new way to use digital forms. T2P can be the perfect addition to your summer school plans, and it will help you build more trust and engagement with your school community. Chat to your account manager today to find out what you can add to your T2P subscription for a successful summer. 

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